238. Situations  can’t be compared

Rudolph Masry (July 6) raises the subject of the Jews from Arab lands who were “chased” from the Arab countries. He does this to establish an equivalency with the Christians and Muslims who were expelled from their homeland, Palestine.

There can be no moral equivalency between what happened to Jews from Arab lands, and Christians and Muslims who were forcibly chased from Palestine by Europeans Jews who resorted to massacres (Deir Yassin) and threats (uttered from cars with loudspeakers) for the sole purpose of cleansing Palestine of non-Jews.

One reason why the Arab Jews left their homelands was economic. Nationalization of private enterprises was the name of the game in the sixties in Egypt and elsewhere. Jews, as well as Christians and even Muslims, started to emigrate in droves.

Economic reasons are compelling. Here in the U.S. there is a large Jewish Israeli community who preferred to leave the “promised land” and come here looking for a better future. The Jewish weekly Forward (June 21) reported that “Some 2,000 (Jewish) Israelis asked for German citizenship last year, and a greater number are expected to request such citizenship this year.” Things must look pretty bad in the “promised land.”

Jewish terrorism is another reason. Israeli author Akiva Orr in Politics, Myths and Identity Crises mentioned that Zionists “used dirty tricks like throwing bombs into synagogues to create the impression of anti-Jewish persecution to stampede the Jews to Israel.” Wilbur Eveland, former CIA officer, confirmed that in his book Ropes of Sand.

July 11, 2002