[239. Israel's apologist twists facts

Jesse Brodey’s letter of July 23 is crammed with twisted facts. Apologists of Israel have indeed excelled in this art.

His assertion that the British in 1948 “divided the territory (Palestine) between the Jews and Jordan” is wrong on two counts. First, the British didn’t divide anything; it was a United Nations resolution that partitioned Palestine. Secondly, partition was not between the Jews and Jordan; it was between the Jews and the inhabitants of Palestine, Muslims and Christians.

Mr. Brodey contends that “if the Arabs of the West Bank had wanted an independent state then, perhaps Jordan might have given it to them.”  The reason why the “Arabs of the West Bank” i.e. the Palestinians did not demand an independent state is that Jordan gave them full citizenship. If Israel were not a racist state, it would have followed Jordan’s example.

Mr. Brodey characterizes the 1948 war as a “War of Independence.” It would be more accurate to call it a “War of Ethnic Cleansing” because this is what actually happened. Israel took advantage of the war to forcibly expel some 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and homeland.

Comparing the victorious Allies of World War II to Israel, as Mr. Brodey does, is preposterous. The Allies didn’t covet any other people’s land. This doesn’t apply to the Jewish state whose main concern was to get rid of as many non-Jews as possible.

Letters, such as the one written by Jesse Brodey are an insult to the intelligence of your readers.

July 26, 2002]