240. Arab Leaders are actively seeking peace

Your editorial of Aug. 1 was once again biased and misleading. You wrote "Until recently, Arab leaders have remained aloof from the peace process."

The fact of the matter is that Israel has procrastinated and ultimately rejected one peace plan after another: Secretary of State William Rogers' Peace Plan of 1969; Gunnar Yarring's proposal of 1971; the Fahd Plan of 1981; and Ronald Reagan Plan of 1982. Abba Eban's statement that the Palestinians never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity rather applies to Israel.

You mention “Palestinian terrorism” and you lament the fact that Israelis have been living with such attacks for nearly two years. It is Israel that is practicing state terrorism against a population that has been living under occupation since 1967.

Yitzhak Frankenthal, an Israeli whose 20 years old daughter was killed in a 1995 bus bombing, was on the Donahue show on August 1. He said: "We are the conquerors. If we would like to see the Palestinians stop what they are doing we need to stop the occupation.”

You also editorialize that the “Palestinians have no other one to blame but their own leadership” Mr. Frankenthal, however, said “they (the Palestinians) have long acknowledged our existence. They were ready to make peace with us. It is we who are not willing to make peace with them. I regret to say the blame is entirely ours.”

Sharon and Hamas lines are identical, both believe in terrorism. The alternative is Frankenthal's line that should prevail in your editorials.

August 8, 2002