259. Zionists caused Jews to leave Arab nations

After reading Rudy Masry’s letter (July 17) one gets the impression that he is either confused about the issue at hand or he has a hard time freeing himself from Zionist propaganda.

Had he carefully read Medhat Credi’s letter (Jul 12) he would have understood that the issue was not about whether Jews have the right to live in the Middle East, of course they have. The issue was about whether the grandchildren of Palestinians who were forced to flee their homeland a long time ago, some 55 years ago, have the same right given to Jews who left Palestine a short time ago, only 1,870 years ago. Hopefully, the confusion is cleared now in Mr. Masry’s mind.

Mr. Masry wonders what happened to the Jewish population that lived in the Arab world. What happened was that Jewish terrorists did everything possible to scare them and make them leave their homeland.

To know more about this subject he should read Israel’s Sacred Terrorism by Livia Rokach, daughter of Israel Rocach Israel’s former minister of the Interior. In her book, she deals with the Lavon Affair and how Israeli agents planted bombs in British and American properties and Egyptian public buildings in Cairo and Alexandria.

He should also read the chapter entitled ‘Cruel Zionism’—or the ‘Ingathering’ of Iraqi Jewry in David Hirst’s book The Gun and the Olive Branch.

For a first-hand account by an eyewitness, he should read Naeim Giladi's The Jews of Iraq published by Americans for Middle East Understanding. It can be read online: http://www.ameu.org/summary1.asp?iid=36.

July 23, 2003