265. Wall is just a ploy to take more land

The barrier that Israel is building was the subject of a letter by Jacob Amir (Jan. 29) and an editorial (Jan. 22).

The editorial made it clear that this barrier is a barrier to peace, not because it is being built, but because its route is "on land that would be part of a Palestinian state" and also because "it disrupts the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians."

So, when Mr. Amir expresses his concern that the barrier is "one in a long line of fingers pointing at Israel" or about the fate of the Jewish communities in the West Bank, he is disingenuous. Israel has a long history of creating facts on the ground. If Israel didn't break international law by moving its Jewish population into settlements built on Palestinian stolen land, the barrier could have been built along the green line and nobody would have objected.

But Israel is not interested in building a “security” barrier. It is rather interested in grabbing as much land as possible, under the pretext of building a fence. The ultimate goal of Ariel Sharon is to leave 42 percent of the West Bank to the Palestinians on which they will be allowed to build their fake state surrounded and crisscrossed by the fence.

Rebuffing Syria’s recent peace overtures is further evidence that Israel is not interested in peace since everybody knows that the price of peace with the Palestinians as well as with Syria is to withdraw from the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan.

February 5, 2004