268. Fence isn’t about Israel’s security

In reference to the suicide bombing on Feb. 21, Israel’s foreign minister is quoted saying: “This fence was built out of need” because “it saves lives” (page 8A, Feb. 23).

If it’s really “out of need,” why then is the fence being built inside the occupied territories? Two facts will show the fallacy of the foreign minister’s statement

First, ten years ago, Israel built a fence around Gaza and nobody objected then or is objecting now. Why, because it was not built inside occupied Gaza.

Second, all the suicide bombings occurred inside the Green Line, that is, in Israel proper. The Jewish settlements themselves, illegally built inside the occupied West Bank, were never the target of those bombings.

The issue then is not the fence. The issue is where the fence is being built. The latest suicide bombing that the foreign minister invoked will not contribute to explain why the fence must be built along a route that runs deep inside the occupied territories.

Israel is following the same pattern it followed with the settlements. At first, the settlements were claimed to be for security reasons. This concept was quickly forgotten and it became a colonialist policy driven by greed for land. The same is true concerning the fence. Israel pretends it is a “security” fence; in fact it is a camouflage for annexing more land.

The “Eastern fence” that Israel plans to build parallel to the Jordan River makes Israel’s mendacity obvious for all to see.

February 27, 2004